About Chix Design

An Alberta based website design & development company

DESIGN by definition:

To cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.

ChixDesign understands this perfectly! We’ve worked with artists since 1999 with our parent company Art in Canada Inc. Some of the artist’s creativity is bound to rub off into these already creative minds.

How do we get into your mind to unleash the creative in you?
How do we get what’s in your head to the end result… the tangible thing, the design, the marketing plan, the way to get your idea and your business out there for others to experience?

We have a process. It’s tried, tested and true.

We listen.
We make sure we understand you, your business, your needs, and we ask questions to make sure we get it.
We never tell you what to do, we give solutions based on our experience and what we hear you say.

Meet Margot and Lynda

We see your vision, we execute the plan and together we launch your business online.


We make sure your online (website, facebook fanpage, blog) and offline stuff (business cards & rack cards) all match up so you’re branded. Ask us how.