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Rebranding is an art! It’s redefining yourself, or your business. Rebranding is about planning and strategy to create the new image. Rebranding typically includes a new logo, possibly a new name, domain name, symbol, website design, print marketing material and signage. It’s all packaged up so that when you resurface, your look is brand new. We have helped many clients rebrand and want to give your vision our complete attention so that your corporate or personal identity is done up professionally, with creativity and our personal touch so no details are overlooked. 

Rebranding ~ New design & Capabilities for AIC

Art In Canada has been around since 1999 and has undergone 2 different, major redesigns and new technology. Believe it or not, the original website from 1999, was very expensive, and at it’s peak was over 3000 html pages. So many things changed over the next decade when it came to website design and technology. The design from 2010 took the website out of html and was set up using a new content management system. It made everything so easy to update. No one needed to know how to code, the problem was, as the membership grew, updating the website was a massive undertaking, time consuming and not a lot of fun for the administrator. This version was not mobile friendly either as that didn’t really come into play until 2015. In 2017 it was time to do something about both of these obstacles. The website had to be mobile friendly and the site had to be managed by the artists so they could take care of set up and updates themselves. With the latest technology and programming, this site is now automated. Artists sign up, pay and receive their login credentials to start building their own homepage. It will be interesting to see what new technology will bring in the next 10 years for


AIC 2005
1999 Website

Art in Canada Business Card Design1999 Business Card

Website Rebranding
2010 Website

Art in Canada 2010 Business Card2010 Business Card

Art In Canada After
2017 Website

Art In Canada 2019 Business Card2017 Business Card