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Team Work

In 2005 Lynda and Margot developed a unique business and partnership that only can happen by way of the Internet. Working together effectively since then, producing custom website in all industries has been in Lynda’s own words, “the most amazing work experience I’ve ever had. Margot is wildly talented. I can’t imagine ever not working with her. She’s a powerhouse of ideas, and just as driven as I am to make sure each of our clients are beyond happy with their website and marketing plans.”

Together they develop custom websites, mobile websites, marketing strategies, which include SEO marketing, logos, print material design for business cards and rack cards, social media marketing options and overall, we’re just happy to help educate people that know they need an online presence and just aren’t sure how to go about the entire process.

They understand the thought of finding a website developer today is at the very least, overwhelming. They try to make it all make sense and give people the answers they need when they are contacted for initial information. They guide their clients through the process, make sure they are happy with the end result, and they never vanish after the job is complete.

“We are in this for the long haul. We form lasting relationships with our clients and our goal is to meet and exceed their expectations. Above all, we actually answer our phone! We are here when you need us… and are always happy to hear from you! In the end, you’re business is our business. When you look good, we look good!”

Lynda Baxter


Lynda Baxter has been in the website development industry since 1998 where she’s been providing online marketing services before ‘online marketing’  was even a term.

A founding partner in a successful .com company in the late 90’s gave her experience in many different aspects of website development and online marketing. She gained experience in content writing, design layout and company research. Yes, it sounds like she started at the bottom, and she did. As with any good life lessons, you need to know the basics inside out. Lynda learned the basics and grew through trial and error in the ever evolving world of the Internet, to start up her first of three, online business in 1999.

Art In Canada Inc. was well under way in 2000. By then artists were a little more open to having their work online, but it was still a hard sell for Lynda to convince them this was the way to go. Year after year she met with artists at shows like the Calgary Stampede Western Art Salon, showing them her determination, and when they finally realized she wasn’t going to go away, and the Internet wasn’t going anywhere, they slowly started to trickle into the online world of marketing their art with her, on custom designed websites they could manage themselves.

A good web presence and online marketing plan has opened the door for many artists. Today, Lynda has worked with approximately 300 artists. She is passionate about helping clients succeed in such a massive and competitive industry. Lynda is quick to share her knowledge and loves to help people learn, and take the steps necessary, so they can help themselves and succeed in meeting their online goals.

Margot Connery

Creativity combined with the immediacy of technology has made website design a perfect match for Margot over the past 15+ years. Before becoming a permanent fixture at Chix Design, Margot was honing her skills as an in-house designer with a Vancouver Island solar energy company, a webmaster at a Victoria PR & design firm and a freelance website designer and developer.

Though Margot’s design style leans toward simple yet elegant, she always finds a way to incorporate the client’s tastes and preferences into the design. With the use of colour, texture, typography and photography, Margot will turn your website into something unique and professional that successfully reflects what your business is all about.