Search Engine Optimization

Finding your audience

We design and develop websites thinking ‘mobile-first’ as Facebook and Google continue driving towards a mobile-first world with more people using their phone and tablets. Users now tend to ignore navigation to get from page to page and expect the home page to offer all the information they need to be accessible as they scroll. Google has also added many new requirements for website developers that we follow to provide you the best possible rankings on their search engine.

Chix Design has been designing, developing and marketing clean and easy to navigate websites that consistently appear at the top of search engine results under specific key phrases since 2005.

SEO Marketing is a process, not an over night phenomenon. (Although, in this day and age of instant everything you would think we could figure out a way to rank high on Google over night without having to wait.)

See real results: Art In Canada Inc. ranking number 2 out of 954,000,000 results!!

Art In Canada Google Ranking

Some questions to ask us about Search Engine Optimization:

Q: How long have you been in this industry?
A: Since 1998

Q: How did you get started?
Founding member of a leading .com marketing company in Calgary in 1998.

Q: Do you have success stories you can tell me about?
A: gets excellent search engine traffic.

Q: How long will it take before I start seeing results?
A: It depends. It could take several weeks to months.

Q: Can you target market my area?

Q: Do you know anything about my industry? Have you ever built a website for a company similar to mine?
We research every industry we work with.

Q: Is this a onetime fee or do you charge monthly?
It can be either, depending on what you, the client wants, and what we determine… together, is best for your particular marketing strategy.

No Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company can guarantee they will get you top rankings. You should be wary of them if they say they can.

ChixDesign knows how to get you out there. It’s what we do.