What We Do

Chix Design – defining you online

Chix Design want to know your business before we start promoting it, so we learn all about it from you; then we search out what your competition is doing. What ever they’re doing, we make sure we do it better, for you. Because that’s why you’re thinking of hiring us, right?

We’re driven to help you succeed online. Your website should be an asset, an extension of you, your business, and it should cause you to need a Pay Pal Account. After all, you aren’t designing and developing a website just to say you have one…you want it to work for you. Right?

Chix Design has you covered from the initial fact finding process that is both personal and creative, to the final online marketing strategy we agree on and put into action. What you get at the end is an ongoing business relationship with us. We care about you, your online success and your future needs.

We empower you to maintain your own website. We teach you how!

“Chix Design is built on faith, passion, humility and persistence. Dreams that stretch us… balance to keep our feet under us… and purpose to be the best we can be, for you.”