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Launching your business online

Whether your business is run from a physical location or you work from home, the world understands being an entrepreneur has never been easier. Why? Because of the Internet.

Who doesn’t want to make money from home and have clients world wide instead just the locals like Aunt Martha down the street in the white house with the picket fence or her neighbour Ned who always comes by with his hands in his pocket and doesn’t buy a thing?

If you’re an entrepreneur you will work harder than you ever have before, but it’s worth it, you’re working for yourself now. Setting your own hours. Getting some balance back into your life. No boss looking over your shoulder giving you ‘that look’ when he notices you’ve snuck a peek at what your friend in Antarctica is up to on Facebook.

How do you achieve this type of work paradise? You plan for it, and then you do it. ChixDesign can help.

Remember, you don’t have a physical location where people can happen by and stop in, you are at home (hopefully not still in your pajamas) and you need to find a way to be visible, to sell your product or service, and you need to make a living.

Your obvious first step…

Of course!! (your hand slaps your forehead)…you need a website.

ChixDesign is that company that will steer you in the right direction, that will speak in a language you understand and not take advantage of the fact you may not know very much about being online. Have you Googled Website Development Companies lately? You could waste a whole day searching through the results and still not know for sure whom to pick as the company that will launch your business into Forbes Magazine.

Come prepared with your list of questions. We’re here to answer them. No charge!

We’ll listen to you, your concerns and your requirements. We won’t tell you what you need. We’ll tell you what we can do for you based on what we’ve have heard you say.

ChixDesign will give you a proper quote, and a proper contract. We’ll give you a timeline and explain our process. You will need a domain name, and somewhere to host it. We do both, plus provide username and password statistical information about your website so you can view your traffic.

What about Facebook and Twitter? We can help you with both, and your blog, and your print material, graphic design and online marketing strategy.

What it boils down to is this… you need to ride that learning curve, and take that leap of faith. If you’ve teamed up ChixDesign, you’ll likely achieve your goal of taking your business to the next level. Online.