Social Media

Spreading the word

Social media is like a snowball that was hurled from the top of a mountain, tumbling down its snow-covered peaks, growing in size and momentum. By the time it hit the parking lot it was huge, car squashing huge. It’s big enough now you simply have to pay attention to it. Social Media. Get on the ball. Roll with it. IT will help you market your business and your website. IT will cause your business to snowball… if you get my drift.

So what is it, this social media?

Social media is a platform to channel your marketing campaign. Your message spreads like wild fire, from user to user, driven by word of mouth, friend to friend, not the business itself, but it’s loyal clientele, a trusted third party source, telling their friends, and so on and so on…

Possible side effects of social media… increased traffic to your website. Increased sales.

Social media. It’s social. It’s fun. It’s a bit of work, but every bit is worth it because it gets you results.

ChixDesign knows the benefits of Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube.

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